Text and HTML template for sending message

Once you set up the email sending settings, you need to setup templates and subject for email. There are text and HTML versions for email content, and you have subject to set too, using many predefined template tags.

Email Templates
Email Templates

Text template supports plain text only (no HTML tags). It can contain text you want, and it can contain special templates tags. These tags will be replaced with values from the contact message submitted by user.

HTML templates supports HTML markup, and it must be email valid template so that different email clients can display it properly. HTML Email Boilerplate was used to create default HTML template. Just like the text template, you can add all supported templates tags here to be replaced by the contact message values. To modify this template, you need basic knowledge of HTML. And, you can use example templates to understand how it is done.

Templates tags supported for both templates, contains two types of templates:

Values from the contact form

  • %DROPDOWN%: value from the Dropdown select field from contact form
  • %WEBSITE%: website URL from contact form
  • %PHONE%: phone from contact form
  • %SUBJECT%: subject from contact form
  • %EXTRA1%: value from first extra field from contact form
  • %EXTRA2%: value from second extra field from contact form
  • %EMAIL%: email from the contact form
  • %NAME%: name from the contact form
  • %MESSAGE%: message sent from contact form (supports HTML)
  • %SUBSCRIBE%: Yes or No, if the user selected to subscribe for newsletter
  • %COPY_TO_SENDER%: Yes or No, if the user selected to receive email copy
  • %SENDTO_EMAIL%: email from the Sent To selection list
  • %SENDTO_NAME%: name from the Sent To selection list

Values generated automatically

  • %REFERRER%: page URL for the page from where the contact message is sent
  • %SITE_URL%: your website URL
  • %SITE_NAME%: your website name/title
  • %DATE%: Date and time of contact form submission
  • %IP%: IP of the user sending contact message
  • %USERNAME%: if the user is logged, this will be user username
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