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Email sending with Simple Contact Slider should work out of the box. Both parameters and templates needed are set on install. But, there are cases when this is not working, and here are closer explanations.

First thing you need to do with Email tab on the plugin settings page is to set up the basic Email settings:

Email Type and From Field
Email Type and From Field

Content type can be Text or HTML. This points to a template for email content plugin will use (more on that later). Also, in most cases HTML is recommended, since all modern email clients are browsers support such messaged, and they can be made to look nicer. Also, with plaint TEXT email you can experience problem where email has no line breaks, usually caused by SMTP server used for sending, that attempts to change line ending characters. So, use HTML here.

There are many SMTP servers that will not allow use of second option: setting email FROM field to contact form sender email. Such servers require email sender to be email allowed for that SMTP server (same domain basically).

By default, you must set up who will receive email by the contact form. On install, this will be populated with email and site name for your website:

Send contact message to this email
Send contact message to this email

Last option here is to allow sending emails to this email, even if the contact form has Send To field. This way, email is sent to email from Send To field, and to this one set on this page.

Common issues with sending contact messages can be:

  1. Using TEXT email type generated email with no line breaks. This can be SMTP server related, or some issue with the server conversion of line breaks. In any case, best solution is to switch to HTML email type
  2. If FROM field option is active, emails are not sent or they have some default sender. This is SMTP related issue, and plugin (or WordPress) have no influence on this. Either change your server, or try to set it up better to allow custom email domains in the FROM field.
  3. Messages are not sent at all. Severs can be without SMTP server (localhosts usually are), or SMTP is not configured properly. On of the solutions is to use out Simple SMTP Tools that allows you to use custom SMTP server.
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