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    I have a website http://www.thepropertyplan.co.uk – first bought you simple slider for this site.
    Since then for business reasons, this website will not be used, it was only ever in development. I tried to use you simple slider on a second website (in development) – it loads fine, i can adjust everything, but the contact form won’t slide out.
    Is this because of the license agreement? can i just delete from old site and use on new
    Sorry i am new to wordpress.
    If yes – and i need another license – what should i do? or is there a problem to fix with the slider?

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    No, this is not the case, plugin has no code to determine if it is used once or more. It is up to user to obey the license. In your case, most likely problem is the conflict with JavaScript loaded by theme or other plugins, and I can check that out for you if you send me url where I can check it out.



    Hi Milan

    Thanks for quick reply.

    Temp site til built then moving to crowdflip.co.uk

    Theme – Its using The7 theme
    Plugins – ASW mailchimp ed / font awesome x2 / wordpressc social share buttons / aksimet / wp elusive icons

    I will uninstall the plugin for my first site, and in about a months time – this site placeholder will simple say ‘The Property Plan has changed its name to CrowdFlip – go here’.

    Are you ok with that?

    Thanks again



    You have soooo many things loaded on the page. There is no way for me to debug what is wrong. You can do this:

    1. Disable all plugins and switch back to standard theme. Leave Simple Contact Slider running and confirm it is working after you disable everything.
    2. Enable your theme, and try plugin again. If it is not working, theme is a problem.
    3. If still working, enable other plugins one by one until you find which one is a problem.

    There is no other way to determine what is wrong considering how many things are loaded.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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